Saturday, March 19, 2011

Technology and Employment

My radio talk show was cancelled several months ago, and while I have been pursuing employment within the broadcast and journalism industries, and doing some freelance writing, it's become painfully obvious I need to get ANY job. Partly because of money, but mostly because I am bored out of my tree!

I miss dealing with people!

I took to "pounding the pavement". I printed off a ton of resumes and dropped them off at various spots around the city.

The thing I found funny was, two of the places, both within the same corporate fitness business, when I dropped off the resumes, I knew ahead of time, that both locations were hiring because I saw the positions posted online.

BOTH of the young women that accepted my resume said it was best for me to also apply online. To me this sounded crazy, as isn't the best way to size someone up in fact not on a computer screen but to see them face to face and get a "feel" for their personality?

The more jobs I apply for, which now I am expanding to all over the country, I'm finding that companies would much rather you simply fill out a form online and attach your resume
When I was about 10 and wanting to volunteer at the hospital, my dad helped me with a resume and cover letter (not much info as you can imagine) but he insisted I attach a photo so they could see what I looked like. My dad, as an owner/manager said he liked to see who he was going to be talking to/hiring.

I'm curious to know if managers/owners just don't have the time to meet with people face to face and with the technology we have now, such as resume "screening" software, does that take away the need to meet someone personally? Obviously, you'd like to meet the person before hiring them, but do headhunters see a resume and go after some individuals sight unseen? I would imagine that's not new but it would really depend on the industry and the qualifications required.

I just think something is lost, and I almost feeling like I'm "cheating" or being extremely lazy just applying for positions online. Plus, I think it's a confidence and character builder to apply in person. It takes guts.

I have always been taught, if you want something bad enough, you need to go out and get it. And sometimes you need to do jobs as a "stepping stone" to something better.

Getting a job is about feeling confidence in your abilities.

I think that's best communicated face to face.