Saturday, October 30, 2010

Self checkout

An interesting experiment in the human condition is a little piece of technology that isn't all that new... the self checkout.

I cannot tell you how hilariously fascinating it is to watch how frustrated, angry and impatient people get at both having to wait in line and the technology itself!

I felt a man physically sigh on the back of my neck and make some crack about a mother who was letting her kid do the scanning of the articles and this guy was in a huff because she was "holding up the line". I turned to him and said, "Wow, your life must be pretty busy that you have to get ticked at a mom taking the time to show her kid how to do something new and fun! Plus you must be pretty important, or at least more important than the rest of us," And then I offered to let him go ahead of me which he flatly refused.

Think about how many jobs were lost when these things came into play? Not to mention the fact that no one bags your groceries for you and you're actually PAYING for the luxury of the plastic!

Believe it or not there is an iPhone app that scans barcodes for you at your self checkout grocery stores!

Technology is everywhere!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Technology and Scandal

If you're not an NFL fan, maybe you've never heard of Brett Favre. He's a veteran player. He has been through breast cancer with his wife, has always been deemed a "crier", he's been caught cheating in the past but his wife stuck by him.

The story broke that he shared pictures and messages by cellphone with Jenn Sterger, an NFL writer. Sterger cried sexual harrassment but has recently issued a statement she will not be pursuing charges although the league itself is investigating. According to Paul M. Banks of The Sports, "Although Sterger was the initial whistleblower on Favre’s failed attempts at adultery, this case and this situation is much much bigger than her or even Favre right now. If league officials knowingly covered up for Favre, it’s now a league issue, not just a Jets or a Vikings issue.`

OK, whatever you think about the guy, whatever you think about the girl and whatever you think about the wife, would this have happened ten years ago, when cellphones weren't as widespread as they are now? Was technology to blame?

Sure, you can say pro athletes have been hitting on hot chicks since the dawn of time and they typically get the pick of the litter! Maybe the technology just made it easier.

But if the guy had to walk over to the woman and proposition her out loud, would it still have happened? And how exactly would you captivate a woman long enough to show her pictures of your Wally Wally? Or did women just "flash" guys in the past?

Stupid is as stupid does. We must all be accountable for our actions, make no mistake. "Technology is just another tool...", as one friend said.

I'm not sure why Polaroid hasn't seen a renaissance or at least come up with a great marketing campaign!
"Polaroid: When you want to BURN the evidence!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election Clusterf$%k

So how often do we have a municipal election here in Ontario? Once every four years right? So you think they could come up with the technology to tabulate the votes in a timely fashion right? A uniform process that every community can utilize so you can get the results rapidly, because, of course, there's FOUR YEARS leading up to it right?

Nope, at least not here in London.

As I watched the Rogers Television and AM980 coverage, I couldn't believe how much we were lagging behind other communities in getting our results! I switched back and forth between CP24 and 13 and it was just astonishing!

Now, the city clerk was interviewed by Rachel Gilbert and she explained that the technology was more expensive so they didn't purchase as many machines as maybe they should have but COME ON! It's one night in four years for crying out loud!

Maybe we should have done like KW:

Anyway, exciting and surprising! Now the fun begins again!

Monday, October 25, 2010

No Walkman

I was shocked and a bit sad, and to be honest, thinking I am getting OLD when I read this! The retirement of the Sony Walkman :-(

How many of you have old cassettes in a shoebox somewhere... I can`t be the only one! Let me know what you still. have! I actually have an old cassette of my friend and I at Canada`s Wonderland recording My Guy... WTH... we actually paid money for this! Also, Mister Mister and I think Loverboy `Get Lucky`!

Take that!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of the best investments I have made thus far is a Duracell battery charger! My model came with two AA rechargeable batteries but you can get different models that hold more and/or other sizes.

Not only does it look cool and comes in bright colours, but it is so handy to use, and EASY! It's like a littlle pod, the plug folds up and down and the green light tells you when it's done charging! It fits in a purse or backpack for those vacations when the kids have their handheld games to keep them busy and the adults are taking loads of pictures! I highly recommend it!

Here's some pics!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I finally broke down and bought a smartphone. I have been debating for months about whether to get a Blackberry or iPhone, trying to rationalize the extra expenditure, when I do alot of my work on a laptop.

I'm not going to lie, it was the easiest purchase I ever made! I was in the store for all of about 30 min, my phone was charged and activated the moment I left the store. I called my provider, Rogers, when I got home to get a better data voice plan as I wasn't sure how much I would use. That call lasted longer than it took for me to get the phone! I had to separate my cell bill and internet, as I am going to claim it as a business expense, so each of them had to have their own bill, then I had to convince them I shouldn't be paying a penalty to separate the services I was going to be using! Nightmare!

If any of you are searching around for a new smart or cell phone plan and want a professional to get you the best deal, I highly recommend . They shop around for the best deal for you, with all the companies, and they get paid through a percentage of your savings. If they don't save you money, they don't get paid!

So suffice it to say, I spent a ton of time last night just getting aquainted with my new little toy, setting up my access to Twitter and Facebook, my e-mails, etc. I haven't even transferred my contacts from my cell phone, they have to be done manually since my SIM card is so old it doesn't suit the iPhone!

So this morning I get a text message on my phone, that I have allready exceeded my monthly data allowance!!! Are you effing kidding me??? Now I'm afraid to turn it back on!!!

Now my next call is Rogers AGAIN!

When are we going to see those new companies crop up so we can get some REAL customer service???