Saturday, October 30, 2010

Self checkout

An interesting experiment in the human condition is a little piece of technology that isn't all that new... the self checkout.

I cannot tell you how hilariously fascinating it is to watch how frustrated, angry and impatient people get at both having to wait in line and the technology itself!

I felt a man physically sigh on the back of my neck and make some crack about a mother who was letting her kid do the scanning of the articles and this guy was in a huff because she was "holding up the line". I turned to him and said, "Wow, your life must be pretty busy that you have to get ticked at a mom taking the time to show her kid how to do something new and fun! Plus you must be pretty important, or at least more important than the rest of us," And then I offered to let him go ahead of me which he flatly refused.

Think about how many jobs were lost when these things came into play? Not to mention the fact that no one bags your groceries for you and you're actually PAYING for the luxury of the plastic!

Believe it or not there is an iPhone app that scans barcodes for you at your self checkout grocery stores!

Technology is everywhere!

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