Monday, November 1, 2010

Isn't Air Free?

Closing out the cycling season... here's another piece of baffling technological genius. I'm SURE you've seen these before!

What?! You're trying to do your part for the environment and for your health, and you have to PAY to fill your tires with AIR?! Now, I know this isn't new and has been happening for alot of years but when I looked closer, I found it hysterical the explanation!

First it says to insert two quarters, it costs 50 cents... then it goes through the instructions how to utilize the machine. BUT look at the line right under the "Air"...

Yep, you can actually go in and ask the attendant to turn it on for you... in other words... if you're in a hurry, your eyesight's bad or you just never read the fine print... you're SOL!!! Another case of, "We give you the choice and make a clear statement, it's your responsibility to take notice."

I looked into this a bit and asked around. Apparently the cost is in the compression... another suggested that there is a large company that owns alot of these and there is a charge for them to install and service the machines.

But surely to God there's some stations out there, Mom and Pop outfits, that offer FREE air as a service... just like they still have attendants that pump your gas in the pouring rain (God love them, or at least my mom loves them!)

Sadly, those small family business type stations are typically in the heart of your average small town, not smack dab in the middle of London, on a busy street for commuters.

I know we can't turn back the hands of time but isn't it time to rethink where we are going???


  1. That's hilarious Shauna - I never noticed that before.

  2. true......but ....wonderland and