Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Necessary? Hell yeah!

I don't like garbage. Obviously can't be many people that could say they do, but it's not my favourite thing to have to deal with.

I am reviled by the smell, tying the bag, putting it at the curb, the whole nine yards. But I do it.

I never have considered myself a sedentary person, lazy nor sloth. So it seemed odd to me that I have discovered one gadget I never thought I would embrace but now cannot live without.

Da da da daaaaaaaaaaa! 

It's my automatic sensor touchless garbage can!!!

As corny as it sounds, I love it!

I don't have to step on something nor even touch the lid with my dirty hands! I simply wave something over the top, and voila, it opens up... then closes down without any help from me!

It's perfect. Does exactly what you want without asking. Doesn't say a word. Just does it.

Now, I COULD include some nasty comments here that would be putting men down, painting them as useless cads like many television commercials do but I like men. I like them alot. And if one of them wants to take out the trash for me, by all means. That's something I still have to do. And I don't mind doing that part at all.

But there is some odd comfort I feel not having to look nor sniff the refuse I myself have created in my own home. Crap! That just sounded wrong.

You get my meaning.

As frivolous as some may consider this remarkable toy, I'm sold.

When I bought mine, it came with a smaller one, that I now use in the bathroom! Totally cool!

Not sure how long the batteries will last though I think I've got a good stock.

Don't ask. ;-)

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  1. I LOVE mine Shauna. Seriously, I was laughed at by certain family members when I got it but they love it now. You are not lazy - it is a great gadget!