Sunday, November 7, 2010

How much technology do I need?

One thing I've  been trying to avoid is "technology clutter".

When I was a kid, my dad was a "gadget guy". He always had to have the latest Casio watch with the tiny calculator on it, etc... You get the picture.

Although I have inherited a bit of a curiosity about gadgets, I don't want my place overrun with remotes and frankly stuff I don't need.

My problem is that it's taken me to get to this age to recognize, in some cases, that you get what you pay for.

After purchasing a cheap dog clipper set at your local big box store and practically tearing out my poor pooch's hair by the root, I decided it may be better to leave it up to the professionals.

I decided recently to commit to running again.

I know, every sport has gadgets and accessories that companies try and convince you, enhance your performance, etc. Running though seems to be so universal, because really, you can do it literally anywhere, and so many more people are taking it up than ever before, it's become a booming business. There's even a renewed movement for barefoot running and some cool new toed shoes.

The last time I was running on a regular basis, I got tired of mapping out my route with the car to figure out how far I'd run, and bought an inexpensive pedometer from a certain store that is similar in name to Cannuck Rubber. It was a piece of crap and waste of my money. I should never have bought it.

Now, with smart phones, iPods, and technological wizardry coming out the ying yang, there's likely 100 ways I can track my runs. I know there is, I've seen them in blogs like this one, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

My problem is, I want it convenient for ME.

I want to turn it on when I start and when I'm done, it's all right there in nice big numbers so I don't have to feel like a decrepit old person and get a magnifying glass just to read it!

I don't want to have to carry it, because I don't even like having one of those hydration belts on me when I'm running. I don't even like having to carry an iPod.

I have heard and read that the Garmin watch is the cream of the crop.

Here's the link to the one at Costco

I'm cheap, or frugal as my mom would say, so putting out roughly $175 for something I wear on my arm seems insane to me. I currently sport a men's Timex with giant numbers and "Indiglo" so I can tell what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night without my glasses on. I've had it for likely 4 years or more and have only had to change the battery once. It really is indestructible.

So I guess my quandry is do I really NEED a Garmin watch? I have only myself to answer to for the expense so it's not like my kids will go without boots this winter if I do purchase one.

I go back to the tech clutter. I now have an iPhone, a laptop (which currently is a piece of crap), an iPod, four remotes, cordless phones, iPod/iPhone alarm clock/docking station and a whole bunch of free weights. Wait. I guess they aren't gadgets. Maybe that's why I was surprised when they didn't lift themselves!

I WANT a cool new toy/gadget. I think it will help and encourage me to run farther. So why am I holding back?

I don't imagine most people rationalize things this way, but I have to.

I think also I feel funny sporting one because I am not an elite athlete, training for the race of my life. I'm going to run a 10k New Years Eve and then, I'm not sure what's next.

I do my best thinking when I am running. I will sort it out then.

Would be nice at the end of it though to see the progress.

Stay tuned.

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