Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Rogers, you need a swift kick in the arse!

Having an agreement with a cell phone company is like living in an abusive relationship. Not to make light of the very real situation that many are scarred by, and this is purely in jest, but man, they can sure stick it to you! Why do I stay?

I purchased an iPhone 4 about a month ago. I went directly to the Rogers store. I paid outright using my credit card because I did not want the charge on my bill. Guess what? It's on my bill.

Now I have to go down to the store, show them my receipt and wait until the NEXT billing cycle to get my credit. So I have to pay the $200+ on my current bill so I don't lose my credit rating. The credit will not appear until my next bill.

Sure, that makes complete sense right? (Eyes rolling)

I wish I could only count on ONE hand how many times Rogers has pulled shenanigans like this in the past, but alas, I need both hands, feet, and any other digit-like appendage.

But what are my choices? I pay to get out of my "3 year plan"? Pay the start up to go with another company that also has "administrative" and ""activation" fees?

More mobile companies are beginning to crop up but the one that offers spectacular customer service and will buy out your former contract will be the overall winner. But then where's the competition? No one seems to be able to compete with the large conglomerates, they are simply TOO big.

So, because I am now addicted to my new Apple toy, I will dutifully report to the Rogers store, stand in line, and get them to apply my giant credit to NEXT month's bill.

Oh and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Rogers are absolute PIRATES! I hate them but there is NO choice out there.