Monday, November 8, 2010

Problem solved - motivation - check!

After researching and asking around the past couple of days, I decided on a free iPhone app called Run Keeper. You can upgrade to a better version for like $10 but I didn't feel like I was missing anything on my first run with it.

Plus, I can track my distance, pace and time AND listen to my music on the same device as well as catch a call or text! FOR FREE!!!

It absolutely pushed me to run farther. When you take a look at your distance (the upgrade actually announces in a male or female voice, your choice) you think, I can go just a little farther. I really like that aspect of it since I may not have a running buddy most of the time.

I mentioned that I don't like to "carry" anything when running, don't know why, makes me feel restricted. But I didn't mind digging out an old school "fanny pack" and starting up the iPod on the phone and the Run Keeper app and zipping it safely in.

During my online research, a friend (thanks Alicia) posted a blog on Facebook that was pretty cool. Have no idea who the guy is, and I know there are literally thousands of fitness and running blogs, but this one I found motivating.

cool blog

Oh, and here's the link to the online portion of the RunKeeper app... it keeps track of your runs, pace, and shows your graphs of your progress.

RunKeeper app

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