Friday, November 5, 2010

Traffic lights

One of the most frustrating things people always seem to have something to say about, from every walk of life, is traffic.

Ask anyone where the longest red light is in their town and they can come up with at least two examples (providing they drive of course).

Now that we have a brand new city council, it wants to prove a few things to you. One of which is that it can change the traffic congestion. Light synchronization has been attempted. Most people just think that system is an urban legend.

Check this out!

So increasing the left turn signals will at least relieve the problem, right?

Sounds reasonable but sadly, motorists are not.

You see, it doesn't matter what you do to try and tackle extra traffic, stale green lights, construction, the list goes on and on. It doesn't matter what you do because it's not the traffic that's the problem. It's the operators of the vehicles.

Look around you. Most people behind the wheel have a furled brow and are all ready late thank you very much. They are in a hurry and they are important! So much so that their time takes instant precedence over yours. Too slow, too bad, too late.

Sure you still see a few people letting folks in or merge in front of them, but it's the exception, not even close to the rule.

A man once got out of a car in a parking lot and ran over to me because he thought I was purposely trying to cut him off at a traffic light. He was a muscle guy, he shouted at me and I simply responded that if this was the worst part of his day, he was lucky. Of course I did apologize and say that I didn't SEE him or I would not have cut him off.

My story is in no way unique. People shoot the bird to one another routinely, with the kids in the car! Fabulous lesson to be teaching the next generation.

Driving is a privilege and it can be taken away.

If waiting in traffic is going to give you an aneurysm, maybe you should switch to a more recreational mode of transport, one that doesn't weigh roughly 2 tonnes and can become a dangerous weapon.

Unfortunately, increasing the left turn signals will not solve the deeper issue.

Too bad you couldn't put a helping of "consideration" in the Koolaid.

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