Thursday, October 28, 2010

Technology and Scandal

If you're not an NFL fan, maybe you've never heard of Brett Favre. He's a veteran player. He has been through breast cancer with his wife, has always been deemed a "crier", he's been caught cheating in the past but his wife stuck by him.

The story broke that he shared pictures and messages by cellphone with Jenn Sterger, an NFL writer. Sterger cried sexual harrassment but has recently issued a statement she will not be pursuing charges although the league itself is investigating. According to Paul M. Banks of The Sports, "Although Sterger was the initial whistleblower on Favre’s failed attempts at adultery, this case and this situation is much much bigger than her or even Favre right now. If league officials knowingly covered up for Favre, it’s now a league issue, not just a Jets or a Vikings issue.`

OK, whatever you think about the guy, whatever you think about the girl and whatever you think about the wife, would this have happened ten years ago, when cellphones weren't as widespread as they are now? Was technology to blame?

Sure, you can say pro athletes have been hitting on hot chicks since the dawn of time and they typically get the pick of the litter! Maybe the technology just made it easier.

But if the guy had to walk over to the woman and proposition her out loud, would it still have happened? And how exactly would you captivate a woman long enough to show her pictures of your Wally Wally? Or did women just "flash" guys in the past?

Stupid is as stupid does. We must all be accountable for our actions, make no mistake. "Technology is just another tool...", as one friend said.

I'm not sure why Polaroid hasn't seen a renaissance or at least come up with a great marketing campaign!
"Polaroid: When you want to BURN the evidence!"

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