Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election Clusterf$%k

So how often do we have a municipal election here in Ontario? Once every four years right? So you think they could come up with the technology to tabulate the votes in a timely fashion right? A uniform process that every community can utilize so you can get the results rapidly, because, of course, there's FOUR YEARS leading up to it right?

Nope, at least not here in London.

As I watched the Rogers Television and AM980 coverage, I couldn't believe how much we were lagging behind other communities in getting our results! I switched back and forth between CP24 and 13 and it was just astonishing!

Now, the city clerk was interviewed by Rachel Gilbert and she explained that the technology was more expensive so they didn't purchase as many machines as maybe they should have but COME ON! It's one night in four years for crying out loud!

Maybe we should have done like KW:

Anyway, exciting and surprising! Now the fun begins again!

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  1. We here in London never do anything like they do in K/W. That is why they are leaving us behind. Retro Tech? Most people in London can't even grasp the concept. We are still in the fire...good, stage