Monday, October 25, 2010

No Walkman

I was shocked and a bit sad, and to be honest, thinking I am getting OLD when I read this! The retirement of the Sony Walkman :-(

How many of you have old cassettes in a shoebox somewhere... I can`t be the only one! Let me know what you still. have! I actually have an old cassette of my friend and I at Canada`s Wonderland recording My Guy... WTH... we actually paid money for this! Also, Mister Mister and I think Loverboy `Get Lucky`!

Take that!


  1. I do! but I threw out my yellow "sports" walkman last year. It was sad but honestly, the few tapes I have would've probably been ripped up if I tried to use them. It was the COOLEST for a few years. ;-)

  2. I remember when I bought my first portable cassette player. It wasn't a Walkman but still. I wonder how long CD's are here for????

  3. I have hundreds of tapes. I wonder how long until they disintegrate due to age . . .