Saturday, October 23, 2010


I finally broke down and bought a smartphone. I have been debating for months about whether to get a Blackberry or iPhone, trying to rationalize the extra expenditure, when I do alot of my work on a laptop.

I'm not going to lie, it was the easiest purchase I ever made! I was in the store for all of about 30 min, my phone was charged and activated the moment I left the store. I called my provider, Rogers, when I got home to get a better data voice plan as I wasn't sure how much I would use. That call lasted longer than it took for me to get the phone! I had to separate my cell bill and internet, as I am going to claim it as a business expense, so each of them had to have their own bill, then I had to convince them I shouldn't be paying a penalty to separate the services I was going to be using! Nightmare!

If any of you are searching around for a new smart or cell phone plan and want a professional to get you the best deal, I highly recommend . They shop around for the best deal for you, with all the companies, and they get paid through a percentage of your savings. If they don't save you money, they don't get paid!

So suffice it to say, I spent a ton of time last night just getting aquainted with my new little toy, setting up my access to Twitter and Facebook, my e-mails, etc. I haven't even transferred my contacts from my cell phone, they have to be done manually since my SIM card is so old it doesn't suit the iPhone!

So this morning I get a text message on my phone, that I have allready exceeded my monthly data allowance!!! Are you effing kidding me??? Now I'm afraid to turn it back on!!!

Now my next call is Rogers AGAIN!

When are we going to see those new companies crop up so we can get some REAL customer service???

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