Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where did the time go?

It's February all ready! The most misspelled of the months!

I could muse that time disappeared because I don't have a fancy watch. But I still HAVE a watch, it's just a monster men's Timex with Indiglo and giant numbers (so I can see it in the middle of the night without glasses!) Plus it has a black strap so goes with anything!

It looks something like this except I don't have a calendar, likely because mine is so ancient, and the face is a bit scratched up!

I do, however, own a cool Citizen Eco-Drive that was give to me as a gift by a thoughtful ex! It's swanky with a pretty iridescent face and of course it's "green" but I've never warn it, never even charged it up! It's close to this version:

I like to be on time, early usually. I think it's considerate, always have. Something my parents ingrained into me, therefore, I'm typically wearing a timepiece.

I LOVE the old school pocket watches that you can find at antique stores and the like! It was likely a million years ago that you'd see nurses wearing watches pinned or clipped to their uniforms. I'm not sure if they can wear them at the hospital today.

I've had discussions with several "fitness friends" who like the excitement of having a heart rate monitor/GPS/stopwatch at their disposal, well on their wrist, and of course I think that's the norm.

Most people like the gadgetry. I remember my dad being one of the first people in his social circle to own one of those Casio calculator watches with the tiny numbers you had to use a pen to press.

I wonder though, if because of smart phones, there are a ton of people out there that don't even buy/wear a watch anymore. I'm sure there are some people that have never worn a watch. I've worn one for so long, I feel naked without it. Even on vacation to a sandy, warm destination, I still clip it on my beach bag so I know when it's Happy Hour! 

How many of you out there find it absolutely necessary to wear a watch and how many of you don't?

As we age, time seems to become so precious. Not watching it per se but LIVING in it. Kicking up your heels and living in the moment. That, I imagine, becomes tougher when you are watching the seconds, minutes and hours tick by.

Perhaps being concerned about time, is a waste of it.

I find if I'm sitting with someone, having lunch or coffee face to face, if I'm enjoying the conversation, time whizzes by and I feel no need to check the time!

I guess we should fill our time with those kinds of conversations!

I try not to look at my watch when I'm having a conversation. To me, it means something else is more important than the person talking.

I have to admit though, I've used it as an excuse to get out of an uncomfortable date.

Yeah, I'm "that" girl, but at least I can own up to it! I'm not a saint, not in a million years!

But I DO like to be on time!


  1. I am obsessive about being on time but I never ever wear watches - not sure why - maybe because it's accessible everywhere?

  2. I never bother with a watch because I take my cell phone everywhere and, of course, all cell phones have a clock.