Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hot Air

I recently discovered one of the coolest contraptions ever created!

Not that I would ever buy one for my home but man, what comes out of those warming cabinets is heaven!

I had to have a procedure done at the hospital (I'm perfectly okay) and while I was waiting, I was covered with a WARM blanket hot out of one of those "warming cabinets"! I asked them to hand me the remote and I'd be set!

I know that traditionally "spas" and some barbershops stock towel warming cabinets, but warm blankets? Genius!

I have heard about people who would put their blanket or quilt in the dryer for a few minutes before climbing into bed. I think I remember a guy who did something similar for his girlfriend. Did I say guy? I meant servant, poor guy.

Anyway, I'd never experienced this before! I thought it was fantastic! Wouldn't it be great if every new dream home could be equipped with one of these? You put a bunch of them in, then they're ready anytime you have a movie-watching night and want to snuggle with a warm blanket when the snow is falling outside! Perfect!

And you don't have to use the extra hydro that throwing them in the dryer would! Plus, the warming cabinet doesn't feed on socks! It's like getting a burger at a fast-food joint! Sitting on the heat rack, waiting for you to choose it!

I vote for convincing your landlord that it will save on hydro bills and installing them in apartment buildings in say the laundry room for easy tenant access! It would most certainly be more "green" than a traditional dryer!


Yeah, about as full of hot air as the cabinets themselves! But hey, a girl can dream right?

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  1. They give you one of those lovely warm blankets after childbirth and many procedures. It is a slice of true heaven. I got a heated blanket after one of these times and is one of my favourite presents ever.