Monday, December 27, 2010

Reluctant Winter Runner - Part 3

Finally gave the "traction aids" for running on ice and snow a whirl while visiting my mom in cottage country over the holidays. It was minus 20, likely colder than that with the windchill, so I bundled up and gave it a go!

I was surprised at what a difference it made, at least for me! Bare in mind that Mom lives literally on a very "back" road and thus very little traffic but thick ice! Lots of hills and chances to go for a spill! I felt completely solid and safe and did an easy 45 min with some hill repeats (with her Pyranese mountain dog Bella in tow)!

I will say though that since I have been home, I took the shoes with the traction slip-ons on for a run on our city sidewalks and through my local park. I got about 10 min out of the park before I realized one of the aids had slipped off! I made tracks back to retrieve it and had to sit on my duff in the snow to put it back on my shoe! I really didn't notice it missing at first until I looked down!

Placebo affect? For me, I could still feel the other shoe digging in.

All in all I really think they are worth the money. I know you can get a cheaper version at Giant Tiger, not sure if they work as well.

Even just for my own piece of mind, I seem to push myself faster, knowing I won't hit the dirt, er ice!

Love my traction aids and my RunKeeper app!

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