Friday, December 10, 2010

Reluctant Winter Runner

I like running. I don't have the love for it that some do and never took it up until I was well into adult hood. However, I don't have any joint pain at my age (knocking on wood as I write) and realized that there are alot of folks near my age who do and would give anything to be able to run again. So I figure, why waste good health, right? Cycling, on the other hand, was not only my transportation and independence as a kid, and sometimes as an adult, but I developed a true fondness for it as the sport weaved itself in and out of my life through different people and events.

But you can't cycle in the winter, at least not outside! I'm sure some do, but I'm just not that hearty!

I have always despised running in the winter, not because of the cold, but because of the ICE! I am a clumsy fumbler at the best of times, so have always feared taking a spill on the ice. I chatted up a few running pals and they suggested attaching something to the bottom of my shoes.

I bought these at Costco.

It says "Everyday Traction Aids" but they're attached to running shoes in the picture on the packaging. They may be a crap time but I can always take them back. I had visions of them being like toe picks on figure skates and that they'd mess me up!

I'm giving them a go this afternoon.

I'll be wearing a pink hat.

Please be kind.

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  1. Santa got a pair for a certain someone for his stocking..they look great! Let me know how they work for running -JM