Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Car Wash - Can't they do better?

Here's the classic tune with a sexy scene from Cool Hand Luke... something for the ladies and the fellas!

Hard to believe it's from 1967!

Trying to clean the inside of your car in the winter is insane. Trying to clean the interior of your car with your dog IN the car is suicide!

But I had to do it today! During our daily jaunt, my pooch ate something unsavoury and puked it up in the car on our way to get coffee!

I know the new technology is supposed to make things easier. In fact, the car wash near my place actually has a "pet wash" room that you can clean Rover in!

Today, I had to vacuum then shampoo to pick up the puke. To be honest, I'm really bad at keeping my car clean. My ex brother-in-law used to scold me all the time saying, "Your car needs love,". He was actually worried that something heavy in the back may hit me in the back of the head, if I was forced to stop quickly.

First, I would never compare a dog puking in the car to a kid puking in the car. However, I'm pretty sure the kid wouldn't try to BITE and CHEW the vacuum nozzle while you're trying to clean it up!

The shampoo-er was a joke. I literally got more of a workout trying to maneuver the hose for the shampoo brush into the crevices that I wanted to clean, than I likely got at the gym yesterday. (Slight exaggeration)

After all was said and done it cost me $8... which I imagine is cheaper than getting the car detailed. That included me spending $2 on wipes that were exactly like baby wipes, they just were handy in the dispenser at the place.

All I could think of when I was there was, I wish I had brought my video camera. The dog was going nuts. I was dressed in snow pants because it was wicked cold outside today during our walk and I felt like a contortionist trying to finagle the shampoo nozzle.

No wonder this isn't something I enjoy doing, even in the summer!

The only good thing about doing it in the summer, is that I'm usually vacuuming up sand from being at the beach... and the good part about that... is BEING at the beach!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, even though this technology is supposed to save you time and money, I think it still needs work.

Just my humble opinion.

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