Thursday, January 13, 2011

Technology and Getting into Trouble

By now everyone has heard of Ted Williams, the once homeless self-proclaimed alcoholic, with the velvet voice who was discovered through a YouTube video. As the story now unfolds, he has several children, still struggles with his addiction, and after an interview with Dr. Phil, is off to rehab.

How could no one see this coming?

When he was initially interviewed in that now famous video clip, could he have imagined that claiming he had been sober for two years could come back to bite him in the ass? Could he have ever fathomed what happened to him in such a short time?

Today, it appears Courtney Love may be involved in a precedent-setting court case revolving around disparaging comments she sent out through Twitter about a certain individual and her business. The woman is suing for "unspecified damages to her reputation and business". The story stems from a disputed clothing bill. Love took to Twitter to call the woman some not-so-flattering names.

The reason I'm thinking about this is I recently posted something on Facebook about the insane price of Lululemon headbands. I really like the company. I've researched it. I've even considered applying to work for them. So why then was I surprised when a friend read my status and said, "I thought you might want to work for them,".

I never thought about it. I just ranted. Mostly because I could.

I learned a valuable lesson and although I've never been really good at "censoring" myself, perhaps it's time I kept it in the back of my mind.

I have some pretty lofty dreams about my career. And I don't plan on letting go of them anytime soon.

And that leads back to Ted Williams.

I hope that most people are wrong in thinking this new found notoriety will lead to his ultimate demise.

Sadly, the price of fame and fortune has drastically changed.

It is relentless and takes no prisoners.


  1. Ted Williams mother put it all in perspective, like the grand ol dame that she is.

    Pray for him.

    We never know what tool our Higher Power will use to get our attention.
    ie: loss of a job, a friend, poor health, homelessness etc.

    If the fifteen minutes of fame that Ted received was meant to lead him to a new life , in whatever that looks like, it will be time well spent.

  2. When Ted Williams was reunited with his mother and he was sobbing "Hi mommy, Hi mommy, Hi mommy," she said "Don't disapoint me." The next thing you know, he is being detained by the Los Angeles Police Department after getting in an arguement with one of his 9 kids, he abandoned. His ride is over. You can't give a homeless, drug addicted, alcoholic, that much money and notoreity, all at once and expect him to not get
    into trouble. He'll be dead in a week!!! Tony M