Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eating Crow

I fear I may be served up a delicious helping of crow.

A dear friend passed away recently, not a close friend, but someone who had an amazing impact on whomever's life she touched. She had a massive heart attack and died at 50. No real indicators except that her blood pressure was high.

High blood pressure runs in my family. So does heart disease, both sides. I have always tried to maintain some level of activity in my life, different intensities at different junctures, for that reason. To keep my health on the up and up and to steer clear of having to be on medication.

After my friend's passing, I thought I should maybe test my blood pressure at one of those machines at the gym. I recently started going whole-hog into fitness again with some crazy goals, and had been feeling a bit light-headed, convincing myself it was from pushing a bit too hard. A friend asked me why I have to go so headlong into everything. I think it's just my personality. I have to be challenged or I get bored. In everything.

My blood pressure was through the roof! Every female relative on my mom's side is on blood pressure medication and I VOWED never to be on it!

I have a doc appointment in the coming days.

It appears my heart is a bit bruised from the things I have subjected it to in the past year or so. It actually personifies my emotional life in the same time frame. Ironic I suppose.

I fear one of the things the doc may suggest is exercising with a heart rate monitor, the same thing about a week ago, I was saying was unnecessary.

I think it's important because my health is important. I plan to be here for awhile.

I, by no means, know everything, never ever want to even hint that I do.

So for dinner tonight, crow. It won't be the first taste, and it won't be the last.

I'm sure it tastes great with salsa. Doesn't everything?

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